Auctus Property Fund LP

Auctus Property Fund LP is one of Regina's largest owners of multi-family residential properties, with over 1,100 units across 8 communities in its portfolio. Its objectives are to:

  • Provide unitholders with long-term, stable and predictable quarterly cash distributions;
  • Grow funds from operations, sustainable distributions and unit value through the active management of its properties, accretive acquisitions and strong financial management; and
  • Reinvest capital within the property portfolio in order to maximize earnings and cash flow potential.

The Auctus LP property portfolio is located in the most desirable neighborhoods in Regina alongside premier shopping, dining and entertainment, attracting premium tenants and rents to maximize unit value.

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The fund is fully subscribed and no longer accepting subscriptions for investment, having achieved its fundraising capital requirements.

strong independent Board of Directors

Deveraux requires that all investments have a strong independent Board of Directors to protect the interests of investors.